Why 3 Recipe Types?

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The founder here wrote tech manuals and found he had three different types of user. One was DIY and just wanted the CD or web address for the software. Another set wanted a bit more but still was looking for brief description and no graphics. A third (most common) wanted step-by-step instructions with lots of screen captures. They thought differently. Likewise, cooks can vary in how much detail they need and want. Here, we post recipes with slugs (little top headings):
  • Glance — The mere basics of ingredients, prep and cooking.
  • Sketch — Measurements, temperatures and times, for enough detail to be sure.
  • Map — Traditional format with all the details, including procedures.
As with computer manuals, recipes should always cover the essential prep. Nothing is worse in the kitchen as being ready to start and finding out too late you need some odd ingredient or prep tool. Let’s not surprise each other in any bad way.

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